Floppy disk analogy for Save. Is it correct?

Save16ColorsSometimes I wonder myself about all those thing we assume when we develop software. One of them is, of course, using a floppy disk for the Save Button.

Who on earth is using floppy disks these days to store their documents? Nor I personally know any one and neither I think you do. However, every time I put one of those awesome buttons for saving your documents in any of my toolbars our friend floppy disk come to us.

Are we doing this right? I mean, will our younger users understand what is that button all about? And on the other hand… where do you actually store your documents? Most of us store our documents on our hard disk, our pen drives or even a network share location in a server (or at Google’s).

Save32BitColors A lot of time ago, most of us used those slow and unreliable floppies. So if we see a button of a floppy disk we automatically understand we can save our documents, but what about all these newcomers to computers? Most of them have ever seen a floppy disk drive in their entire life.

Should we reconsider all those facts we assume? I think so.

Floppy disk analogy for Save. Is it correct?

4 comentarios en “Floppy disk analogy for Save. Is it correct?

  1. The answer is no. Icons are iconic for the very reason that they are ubiquitous and unchanging. In the context of a UI, a young person will obviously understand the meaning of the icon due to its close correlation with the action itself (the saving of files). Speaking of, what exactly is a file? A folder? Those concepts have lasted decades, and it was only 10 years ago when computers started shipping without floppy drives, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

    If you extend your thought logically, we would be forced to completely migrate our language every time a new technology replaces the older one. When we are many years separated from any type of physical media, maybe then some catalyst for change will appear, but forcing it prematurely is simply asking for usability problems within your app.

  2. @Chris: impresive comment! You got the point ;) and I must agree with you.

    P.S: I’m sorry for accepting your comment late, but Akismet thought your valuable comment was spam :(


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