Security begins at oneself (great prank to do at job!)

My job colleagues and I are very concerned about security. From time to time, we talk about SQL Injections, XSS, defacements, systems security, wireless security and so on. However, we sometimes forget about most basic security policies: locking your session if you leave your computer for a while.

Network HubAlthough it is not the most frequent method for intrusion, leaving your session unlocked could be one of the ways an attacker could use against you. Because of that, we make the following prank:

  1. Google for a picture of some actor or actress that everyone dislikes or is considered disgusting. For instance: David Hasselhoff.
  2. Right-click the full-size picture and set it as Desktop Background.
  3. Restore all windows to hide the brand new background. (If there wasn’t any windows, try locking his/her session).

However, this is funnier if your victim doesn’t see desktop instantly. That is the reason you should cover desktop with windows. (Try opening a web browser and visiting your favorite search engine).

I bet your fellow coworkers will be more cautious leaving their computers unlocked. If not, keep doing it: this prank is always funny.

Windows + L locks your session in Windows.
Ctrl + Alt + L locks your session in KDE.

Security begins at oneself (great prank to do at job!)

11 comentarios en “Security begins at oneself (great prank to do at job!)

  1. Indeed, replacing a desktop background with DH’s picture can be very disgusting. There is yet another powerful technique that can be used, which is both embarrasing and effective at the same time:

    1- Go to the unlocked desktop.
    2- Open Outlook and click on “New” to compose a new mail.
    3- Pick the email of that employee that has just joined the company, and type it in the “To:” field.
    4 – Add the following text to the message body: “I love you”.
    5 – Click “Send”

    This exercise will most likely change the user’s attitude toward locking his desktop when away from the computer.


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